Why Us

whyusThere are several irrefutable reasons to choose GHT.

Results: For one, we have 100% guaranteed results. They are natural and the perfection self-explanatory upon completion.
Quality Transplant: Dr Goenka’s years of experience, highly trained team and state of art facilities and equipment provides worldclass quality and results.
Comprehensive patient care: The comprehensive care approach essentially means that a health care provider caters to all the needs of the patient and not just physical and medical ones. We understand that it is not easy to live with a condition that seems unalterable under demure conditions. The team of doctors at GHT are well-trained and professionally equipped to handle all of the patients’ needs with world class technology to support them.
qualityMinimal Scarring:  Scarring after surgery is inevitable and most people come to terms with one. But at GHT, we use very small size punches in FUE and do the advanced Trichophytic closure under minimal tension  in FUT  to give the minimal possible scarring . Our surgeries require minimal invasion and no hospitalization. Recoveries are fast and final.

Possibilities: One of the main concerns a patient might have is to shave off hair for the surgical procedure. This is not the case with GHT. With the help of Dr. Goenka’s unique technique hair transplantation is done without removal of hair. The technique is harmless and can be applied to all types of hair.
4000 grafts(8000 hairs): The process of correction of hair loss through surgical methods is grafting. A skin containing healthy follicles, not affected by DHT is taken and replaced at the affected site. Where the process may seem painstaking, most doctors have attempted to graft only about 2000 hairs in one sitting. But Dr. Goenka is reputed to replace 4000 grafts or 8000 hairs  in one sitting, achieving good density in one session itself.
Follicular Density: Follicular density means the number of hair follicles that can be transplanted in a square centimetre of area on the scalp. A good density has to be ensured to achieve a natural and aesthetic look. Dr. Goenka’s years of unique expertise helps to implant more than 40 follicles per square centimetre which is at par with internationally acceptable standards. This density is not easy to achieve even at renowned hair transplant centres.
Extraction: Follicular Unit Extraction also called follicular transfer is where a unit of the donor follicle is extracted from a healthy area to the affected area of the scalp. This procedure of extraction and placement is done with such precision that damage to the hair follicle is negligible.
Affordability: Where FUE–FUT might seem complicated, the procedure is very affordable. We are competitively placed and can guarantee 100% results at least prices.
Surgery: Most doctors specialize either in FUE or in FUT surgery. But Dr. Goenka specializes in both the techniques, offering compact and under-the-roof services for all patients without having to run from pillar to post. All surgery is under local anaesthesia and the patient is awake at all times.