Our Benefits

Guaranteed results

We give guaranteed and very natural results.

Comprehensive care

We provide trained and experenced staff + world class technology and comprehensive care.

No Blade, No Stitches

No Blade, No Stitches, No Scar No hospital admission and fast recovery,

Possible for all

Hair transplant is possible for all cases and all types of hair. With Dr. Goenka’s unique technique we can transplant hair without shaving of head.

5000 grafts

When in many other clinic doctor place only 2000 hairs with F.U.E in one session. We at Goenka can place 4000 to 5000 hair in one session along with good density, that’s why most individuals only need a single session.


It indicates the no. of hair follicle transplanted in a square centimeter area. Good density is necessary to give best result and natural look. Internationally acceptable good density is more than 40 follicles/square centimeter, which is very difficult to achieve even by renowned hair transplant centers. But Dr. Goenka’s year of experience and his unique technique enabled him to give ideal density with world class results.

Precise Extraction

Precise extraction fast placement so damage to hair follicle is negligible.

Best & Affordable

BEST RESULT LEAST PRICE – GUARANTEED. We offer the best hair transplantation at most affordable price (which no one can compete). Complete procedure is done under local anesthesia so person remain awake during the whole procedure.

F.U.T Surgery

Unlike others doctor who are specialized only in F.U.E technique, Dr.Goenka also possess expertise in performing F.U.T (Follicular Unit Transplant) surgery.