Medical Tourism

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The term medical tourism essentially means the travel of an individual from his own country to another country to get medical and health treatment outside of his homeland. India is fast growing to be one of the leading destinations of medical tourism. It is expected to see at least a 30% increase in the next two years. Developed countries are advanced and have a crunching expenditure on the average city dweller in their own country. These citizens choose to travel to other destinations for what can be one of the most expensive treatments in their own country. India is one such destination for these patients.

India is growing in compliance with international standards and along with it also provides reduced costs and the latest in medical technologies. Language barrier may or may not pose a problem depending on the facility’s location. Visa restrictions are relaxed for patients arriving from the Middle East. The Indian government is also addressing any issues pertaining to infrastructure within the country that might be a hindrance to the growth of the industry. Statistics obtained by the Confederation of Indian Industries stated that an estimated 150,000 in 2005 and about 200,000 in 2008, medical tourists visited India. ASSOCHAM also reported about 800,000 medical tourists in 2011 an astounding figure for a developing country also pointing towards the fact that medical facilities are taking a turn for the better with improved prognosis and treatments. By 2018, the Indian Healthcare industry is predicted to double its value to $ 6 billion. Treatment costs in India can cut a patient’s medical cost by at least 90%.

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