Instant Hair Implants or NIDO – Z Technology

Hair fall occurs in many individuals due to some or other reasons, but we should carefully go for assessments under the supervision of the specialist physician and surgeon to know the real fact. Also known as bio fibre hair implants, the NIDO-Z method is a triumph over male paternity baldness.
Instant hair implantation is a very popular procedure worldwide, where natural-looking hairs are implanted in the scalp one-by-one exactly matching the original hair of the patient. The hairs have a knot at the end and make a firm grip inside the scalp after implantation. These hairs can be styled in different manners, giving you a new feel and look. They are from Italy Medicap or from Japan NIDO. Hairs are available in

  • different colours and shades
  • lengths 15- 30cm
  • straight or curly

Thus, according to patient’s hair colour and shades requirements, they can choose the hairs. These hairs look like the natural hairs and one is unable to differentiate between the natural and biofibres. These hairs are made from polyamide fibres .


During the whole procedure of implantation, no stitches , no surgery, no bandages and above all no rest is required .The person can come, do the needful and go with beautiful hair and feel confident as his/ her overall  appearance will change and hence lifestyle too. These hairs can be washed and combed like natural hairs. A patch test of 100 hairs is done before going for a mega session and these sessions are done after 1 month of the patch test. The number of hairs required in a patient depends upon the size of the bald area and the desirable density. In a single session, 5000 hairs can be implanted. This process needs maintenance of hairs to get best result .

Advantages of Instant Implant

  • There is no down time as the results are instant and patients don’t have to wait for long unlike the hair grow by natural hair transplant procedure.
  • This process is quick and gives 100% result at the time of  emergency like weddings.
  • These hairs give a complete natural look and excellent blending with the natural hair.
  • Patients  having limited donor area and are more prone for baldness in near future due to heredity can opt for this method.
  • Saves lot of time and money as the procedure needs one sitting only.
  • No discomfort for the patients and no medicine is required after the procedure as it is painless, sutureless and scarless process

Disadvantages of Instant Hair Implants

  • This is not a permanent solution as there is loss of 10 -20% of hair every year.
  • Regular cleaning of hair is required in 2- 3 months, otherwise it leads to the formation of sebum plug at the root end, which leads to infection and hair fall.
  • They will not grow like natural hair once they are cut.
  • Patients have to use special hair care products for regular cleaning of hair.