In the world of science and technology, the rate of success of any hair transplant depends on the growth, density and above all achieving the main goal of a natural–looking hair line without any Procedure. In the last 10 years, doctors are doing a lot of research work to achieve the complete natural-look of hair. Nowadays, smaller grafts are used and more numbers of hair can be extracted and transplanted onto the recipient site.In Hair transplant, the hair follicular unit is extracted from the donor area (which contains more permanent hairs) and transplanted onto the bald or less dense area. Follicular units are naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, which also contain sebaceous (oil) glands, nerves, a small muscle, and occasionally vellus hair.


Generally, two methods are used during hair transplantation .They are the FUE and FUT, and both the processes are done under local anesthesia and differ in extraction of hair follicles .Follicular unit extraction (FUE),(Stitchless and Scarless Procedure). It is a sutureless technique of hair restoration in which a single hair follicular unit is extracted from donor area with the use of micropunches. There is no cut, no blade, no stitch, and the donor area can be the scalp, beard, chest, back, or other body areas.

FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUT is also known as Strip method of hair restoration. It is a hair transplantation technique in which a strip of skin is cut from back of the head. Then hair follicular units are separated from that strip under microscope and then transplanted onto the bald area. The donor area is the back of the head.


Comparison of FUE and FUT

  • Follicular Extraction
  • In FUT method, the follicles are extracted in the form of strip which is taken from the back side of the donor head or the middle part of head.
  • In FUE method, the follicles are extracted directly from the back side of head or nape of neck. Both the techniques utilize the follicular unit (FU) that are natural products of the human body.
  • In FUE method, punching of scalp is done with the help of needle having 0.6mm to 1.00mm in diameter. While in FUT method, incision and stitching are done. In both the techniques, the FU contains 1-4 hairs for grafting from the donor site to the recipient site.
  • The key factors that play a decisive role for a successful transplant are:
    Number of graft and quality of hair root so the graft can firmly be held. In the FUE method, scars appear in the form of dot/micro scar, while in FUT method, linear scars appear. Special closure method is being utilized to reduce the scar to a minimum called trichophytic closure. In FUE, the FU harvested is from a large area of donor site than FUT.
  • In FUT, the hairs are harvested from the mid-portion of the donor site where the hairs are tightly packed and more permanent to get maximum result and high-quality grafts, while in FUE, the hairs harvested are not from permanent sites.
  • In FUE, there is greater rate of follicular transection as compared to FUT.
    FUE is a more sensitive extraction technique as it leaves less protective tissues around the graft /follicles; therefore, the rate of survival is a little low as compared to FUT.
  • Number of grafts and their density: The number of grafts generally depends on the area to be treated.
  • FUT is less expensive than FUE in quality and quantity.
  • FUE can be performed on a tight scalp, while FUT cannot be performed this way.
  • FUE is a painless, scarless, and least invasive surgery as compared to the FUT technique.
  • Both the processes are performed under the supervision of the expertise doctor team and local anesthesia is given to the patient while undergoing transplantation. A temporary numb feeling persists for few months in case of FUT but not in FUE.
  • In FUT, recovery period is longer as compared to FUE ,and postoperation medicinal cost is more as compared to FUE.
  • The donor area is limited in FUT as compared to FUE.
  • There is a long learning curve for newcomers in FUE ass compared to FUT

FUE and FUT Conclusion

Both the techniques, FUE and FUT, have very good future prospects. We cannot compare which one is best and the number of minimal grafts required, the extraction of follicles, and their density play a major role in transplantation. The success of any FUE or FUT transplant, to a great extent, depends on the training, experience, techniques and technology, ability, intuition and expertise of the hair-restoration surgeon: though both extraction techniques require technical know-how and experience, the FUE extraction technique is much more demanding. But irrespective of operation technique used any (FUE or FUT) transplant should always be performed by an expertise doctor team.