Body Hair Implants

New-Hair-Transplant-Technique-Does-Not-Let-Scars-and-Uses-Hair-From-All-Over-the-Body-2Hairs from the head area are generally used for transplantation purposes. But many patients do not have enough hair on their heads to achieve fruitful result. In those cases, it is possible to transplant body hairs, as these hairs are very similar to head hairs in structure and quality. Hairs may be taken from the arms, the legs, the stomach, the back, the chest, the armpits, or even the face. Even beard hairs may be taken under certain circumstances.In many patients, the hair from different body parts acts as a source of several thousand of grafts. This large donor area is to fill the large recipient site in some cases, and in some cases, it is used to achieve high hair density, filling larger bald areas of the individual.
Body hairs are removed by using the FUE technique, leaving no scar line on the recipient site. The hair grafted is then implanted in the same way as in FUT/ FUE/ DHT. Generally speaking, donor hairs are taken from the tonsure, i.e., from the back or sides of the head. That patient having insufficient body hair cannot undergo this process. Once the donor hair is transplanted, they become permanent, but their growth is fast and need to be trimmed every month.

The pre-requisite for successful transplantation

For the successful transplantation, placement of 200- 3400 or more one- or two-follicular units is needed depending on the density and desired recipient site to be covered. The error-free storage and hydration of grafts is required for optimal implantation and also arrangement of the grafts is vital so as to get correct growth direction and obtaining natural hair line.

Advantages of BHT

  • The proper extraction of hair follicle from the body parts
  • The growth of body hair is very fast to achieve the required goal
  • The merging and compatibility of body hair is very good so no one can detect the difference

Disadvantages of BHT

  • Takes long time
  • Hydration of grafts should be maintained precisely and should be placed quickly on recipient area

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