Hair Transplantation

How Best Hair Transplantation in India  Works ?

There are two types of hairs in all persons :

donor_area,hair transplantation

Donor area

  1. Which are affected by hormones (Androgens) like frontal and Vertex hairs, on scalp.
  2. Hair Vertex which are not affected by hormones, like the hairs situated at back of head (occuplt). These hairs stay for life time also knows as permanent hairs. If these hairs are taken from here and transplanted on to bald area then they will also stay for life-time.

Donor Dominance is the basic principle of hair transplant.

What Is Hair Transplantation ?

In hair transplant technique we take hairs from one area of body and place them on to the bald area. These hairs are natural and your own hairs so they grow naturally mostly the hairs are taken from back of your head but if needed it can be taken from any part of the body like chest, back, abdomen etc.


Hair transplantation

We follow the unique F.U.E procedure. Our technique is minimally invasive, causes minimal pain, no stitches, no scar and very less recovery time compared to conventional strip hair transplant (F.U.T). In this procedure follicular units are directly extracted from back portion of scalp (donor area) and they are transplanted precisely in a natural way on to the bald area (receipient area).

fue_icoAlthough F.U.E technique is minimally invasive, it can still last 7 to 9 hours. Such a long procedure may cause fatigue & some damage to hair follicles if they stay out in the environment for a long time. best hair transplantation in indiaBut Dr. Goenka’s revolutionary and unique technique to extract and place hair follicles is much faster and more precise so tehre are no chances of follicular damage. This gives best guaranteed and most natural result.
fut_icoIf required we also perform follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT). In F.U.T we cut the strip of skin from back of head then stitch that area, then follicles are separated in lab from that strip & transplanted on bald area.

Video Showing how FUE procedure works

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most scientific & advanced technique of hair restoration. and that is why we recommend FUE technique for hair restoration. See the following animated FUE technique hair transplant video to know how it actually works :